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Diana Gomez - 34 - Texas - Total Loss - Almost 100lbs!


Diana wrote to us last year to tell us about her long time batlle with being overweight and the amazing journey she took to get her to where she is today. With lots od dedication and hardwork Diana stayed on track and got to body she never though you she could. Read from a letter below:


" Hey , I just wanted to let y'all know how much I enjoyed reading the blog and all information y'all provide, it was difficult to find sites likes these before but it is nice to see they are coming out now. I have always had a dificult time losing weight. With my latino blood I was bound for packing on the pounds in the wrong areas lol, thankfully I was able to get on a path to healthy eatting and living. Lots of exercise and making sure I ate the right foods really helped. Garcinia Cambogia was one of the first supplements I used when taking my weightloss seriously and it gave me the boost I needed to get to where I am today. Im not going to lie. It wasn't easy but I am glad I did it. Shout out to the others trying to beat the buldge. Hang in there!"




Jessica Finn - 27 - Rhode Island - Lost 43lbs

"Hi guys! Thought I would send in my picutre and story to let others out there know that IT IS POSSIBLE! I had been overweight since high school. Always eatting junk food and barely doing anything active. It wasn't until I hired a personal trainer and started taking Garcinia Cambogia did I see things really change for me. The extra energy boost was like a drug and I was hooked! Trust me. Once get going you wont stop and with the free trials there is no excuse these days"





Taneesha Phillips - 29 - Lost 65lbs

"Hi! Thanks for your website and taking the time to put up all this interesting stuff! I came to your site about 6 months ago and was inspired form the start! So many incredible stories and info. It was on this site that I was able to find a trial of Natural Garcinia Cambogia and rest as been a blurr. Morning runs, weekends planning volleyball! I can't believe this is me!"


Ali Quasi 25 - 55lbs


Hi everyone. My name is Ali and I have enjoyed very much this site. I wanted to tell everyone how much my life change when I start to take weight loss seriously. The change is in you. I tired many things before in my life- drinking lots of water, not eatting for whole day. But it never seemed to work or stay that way. One day I was looking on the internet and found a offer to try the product because they were so sure it would help. I have been ordering the same product now for 6 months and LOVE IT! My life has been so much better now and I can have fun with my girlfriend. Thank you Garcinia Cambogia!"




  • John Baker . 1 weeks ago
  • Hey guys aweomse work. I have been using Garincina Cambogia for 2months now have seen greatresults. I am so glad I gave it try! It was the uplift i needed.

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  • Shelia
  •  .  3 weeks ago
  • Thanks for the postings. I used garcinia and didnt notice results at first but after using it now for 5 weeks I can see the lbs cmoing off. Slow at first but so much more now. Incredible.

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  • Emily Trainor .  3 months ago
  • I used Garcinia for a short time when I wanted to fit into my bridesmate dress. I was secpitcale at first but low and behold 3 week later I fit into a dress i didnt before ..... i must hve done something?!!

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