Where to find Quality Garcinia Cambogia at an Affordable Price?


By now if you have gotten serious about your weight loss goals and getting in shape then using Garcinia Cambogia must have come to your attention. This scientifically backed up diet aid has helped many reach their desired bodies.  Due to the fact that Garcinia Cambogia has helped so many people, you will find countless retailers selling this product from online websites to brick and mortar stores. So how do you choose? We thought we’d write some tips and points to look for when choosing where to get your supply. 


Stay Away from Retail Store Fronts – Unless they are having a sale!


Brick and Mortar stores often have staffing, rental and other costs that are passed on to the consumer. Often the product will be overpriced or of low quality as the seller has higher profit margins to reach. You are also stuck with only choosing the brands they have available which can often be their own products or that with the most profit. However there are times when they are overstocked with product and are offering flash sales. This is a good time to purchase some bottles but make sure to check out what to look for on the label.


Buy Online


We have found the best deals for Garcinia Cambogia online. Most sellers have lower operating costs and are able to pass these on to the customer with more quality product at better pricing and even offer FREE TRIALS. It is also more convenient as you do not need to leave the house to pick up the product and it is shipped the same day.


What to Watch For


Suppliers are often trying to dupe unsuspecting customers into purchasing large amounts of product all at once. These can be anywhere from 2-6 bottles! Be cautious!  These companies usually have an excess amount of lower grade product which that need to get rid quickly hence the outrageous deals and large volume discounts.  


How to Get a Free Trial


You may be able to find some free trial give always at malls or discount supplement stores in your city however you best bet would be the online retailers . They are able to offer this promotion since they have lower costs in running their business. For a lot of our visitors this has been a great way to see what bottle and brand worked best for them.  Check out the other areas of our page for more info.


Quality Product


Make sure your product contains 700-1000mg of Garcinia Cambogia to increase your weight loss. Product that contain Calcium and Phosphorus are also highly recommend as they increase absorption and efficiency.
60% HCA is the percent we found had the best results and absorption in to the body. Claims for anything higher than this are often untrue and can signal a shady operator.
Stick with companies that are creating Garcinia Cambogia in an FDA and GMP regulated Facility. We prefer to stick with companies that are on US soil to ensure of quality manufacturing.




Your best bet for quality and cheap product is shopping online. You may find deals at your retail stores if you keep an eye out and stay on top of last min sales. Free trials (pay only S&H) are a great way to try a product out instead of committing to a large volume purchase. Stick to products that have 60% HCA.


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